Who We Are

25+ Years of High Quality
Manufacturing Excellence

DMSI is an ISO-approved manufacturer with a focus on world-class excellence in delivering fiber optic connectivity products. Our unique concept of Owning the Core® of our business gives us the latitude to develop, engineer, and produce quality products at competitive pricing.

For over 25 years, DMSI has been steadily building a solid customer base across the globe delivering a simple and highly focused manufacturing solution for our customers. Our business strategy revolves around the concept of a totally diversified manufacturing company providing integrated solutions to our clients.



Established on May 22, 1996, Diversified Material Specialists, Inc. (DMSI) is a U.S.-based, international company specializing in fiber optic product design and manufacturing for global markets. The company is originally founded as a medical device manufacturer, focusing on the development and production of accessory devices for MRI and CAT scans.


In 2004, DMSI transformed from medical device manufacturing to fiber optic connectivity. It started the transition with two (2) people and one (1) office in Cumming, Georgia, and one (1) satellite office in Shanghai, China


The company later relocated to Venice, Florida in 2007 where, currently, the DMSI International manufacturing headquarters is.


In 2009, it opened a manufacturing facility in the Philippines, which started with 9 employees. At present, this location has grown to a workforce of more than eighty (80) individuals.

At Present

With our two (2) wholly-owned manufacturing locations – the USA and the Philippines – we can rapidly respond with service and support for customers of all kinds. Whether a firm requires a custom contract manufacturing solution, or a DoD government contractor working in a SCIF – we have a solution to satisfy their requirement.

Though we pride ourselves on manufacturing products of the highest quality, we understand that in the end, customer satisfaction is the key to success. That’s why DMSI focuses on its customers. No matter what the job entails, or the question involves, DMSI strives to be the one-stop for all customers' fiber optic needs.

At DMSI, we’re not only in the business of
building connectivity products;
we’re in the business of
building a long-term relationship.


Provide customers with the highest quality products, above industry standards, at a lower cost

We manufacture high-quality fiber optic connectivity products and build long-term relationships with our customers by providing world-class exceptional customer service through the pursuit of innovation and advanced technology. We build the same high-performance product as the big brand names, but without the big brand price tag.

Create end-to-end solutions engineered specifically to meet customer specifications and needs

All optical cables used in IllumiCore® and OMNIA® brand assemblies are made in America. We have a core group of American component manufacturers to supply us with UL-listed and fully traceable cables. Feel free to contact us regarding your cable supplier preference, or to find out more specific information on some of our raw supplier capabilities.

Focus and specialize on custom product design and manufacturing for fiber optic connectivity

Unlike these low-quality imports, we manufacture using verified and traceable components from known American manufacturing companies, for a higher-performing end-product. If a global event occurred affecting the Asian supply chain, DMSI would be unaffected.

Provide customers with the highest quality products, above industry standards, at a lower cost


  • Large company capability with small company overhead.
  • We OEM products for multi-billion dollar and small industry companies. Chances are, you’ve already used our product with someone else’s name on it. Cut out the layers.
  • Vertically integrated company: We make finished-end products in our own facility vs. competitors who outsource.
  • Custom per your needs: spec sheets, products, warranties, drawings – all in hours and days, not weeks or months.


Active Optical Cables (AOC)




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