UHM: Adaptable Cassette Solutions for Fiber Optic Applications

PUBLISHED: 09/19/2023


Evan Samson

In the developing world of fiber optic connectivity, adaptability and efficiency are key. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Universal Housing Modules (UHM), a groundbreaking innovation that promises to revolutionize the way you manage your fiber optic networks. These cassettes are designed with versatility in mind, making them suitable for a wide range of applications such as splicing, MTP®, and slack storage.

“The UHM cassette was developed based on the idea of having the same size as our Classic cassette that could accommodate splicing, MTP®, and/or slack storage. I designed a housing that would accept our current Adapter Panels with the standard Plungers, Splice Chips for securing Cable Splices, Cable Guides for routing Cable, and Rubber Grommets for guiding the Cables through the unit. Its adaptability, stackable splice chips, and compatibility with existing enclosures make it a game-changer for network administrators and engineers. ” Explains DMSI International Product Engineer, Bob Brewster.

Versatility at Its Core

The UHM is engineered to provide a comprehensive solution for various fiber optic needs. For splicing applications, the UHM features a standard faceplate on the front, accommodating any connector type you require. Inside the cassette, you’ll find cable tie-down locations, molded spools for efficient fiber routing and slack management, and a central post position designed to securely hold single fiber and ribbon splice chips. These splice chips are not only removable but stackable, allowing for multiple fiber splices in a single cassette.

Adaptable Design

The back of the cassette body boasts two incoming cable locations and multiple knock-out locations, which can easily be converted to a pre-terminated MTP® module when needed. Thanks to a sliding lid, you’ll enjoy convenient internal access to the UHM, streamlining maintenance and installation processes. What’s more, UHM Splice cassettes adhere to the Classic family specification, ensuring full compatibility with any Classic enclosures, making integration into your existing infrastructure a breeze.

Key Features

  • Fibers available in 250µm micro distribution and ribbon configurations
  • Soft molded splice chips that are both stackable and removable
  • Elimination of the need for separate splice trays, saving you time and resources

About DMSI

DMSI International focuses on custom product manufacturing and custom design solutions for fiber optic connectivity. We engineer solutions to any customer’s specs to create end-to-end solutions. DMSI strives to provide our customers with the highest quality product above industry standards at a competitive cost. We work globally to provide solutions from our manufacturing facility and headquarters in Venice, Florida.