Why Fiber Optics Will Lead The Future Of Communication

Fiber optics will be the center of communication in years to come.

In the world of technology, updates are constantly occurring. Nothing ever stays at the forefront for too long, as trends are always changing. One piece of tech that is revolutionizing the market would be fiber optics. Many experts believe fiber optic technology is the future of digital communication. They aren’t wrong with that assessment, as fiber optics allow processes to occur faster than any other piece of equipment. It legitimately moves things at the speed of light, due to its unique glass composition (compared to a copper cable).

A Brief History

The process of fiber optics began in the 1800s, with contributions from multiple scientists. While the French Chappe brothers invented the first optical telegraph, the work of John Tyndall, Alexander Graham Bell, and William Wheeler took the industry to new heights. Eventually, based on their work, researchers would soon discover fiber optic wires.

How Do Fiber Optic Cables Work?

Essentially, the fiber optic connection is powered through elongated glass fibers. The cables transmit data signals at a fast speed, connecting to the internet. Due to its durability, lightweight and small size, the fiber optic cable effectively provides a high-speed connection while increasing bandwidth. It gives you a reliable setup at a worthy cost.

Why Will They Lead The Future?


In comparison to metal wiring or copper wiring, fiber optics are much more reliable. The metal wires create heat when transmitting information, and this heat eventually damages them, causing a need for replacement. Fiber uses light, which decreases the damage and constant need for replacement.

Energy Consumption

Fiber optic cables use less energy compared to copper wires. This ability to use a smaller amount translates into a more efficient product, and a more cost-effective approach.

Already In Use

Many companies are starting to make the transition to a fiber optics system, for security and speed. Fiber optics can be found in industries where you would never even expect them. Eventually, you’ll start to see more and more businesses make the jump.

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