Exciting Future Trends in the Fiber Optic Industry

These days, everyone is interested in speed. Getting tasks done quickly is one of our biggest concerns as a society; technological culture forces us to think in terms of efficiency. You’ll notice that only ten years ago, we were just leaving the broadband internet era. Now, if the device in our pocket doesn’t connect us to the internet in a matter of seconds, it becomes incredibly difficult to move forward. Fiber optics have existed for years, but they’re just now being used in excess; the fiber optic industry is growing with every passing day. It’s time to take a look at a few of the trends we’re seeing, in order to predict where the future is going to take us.

Fiber optics have existed for years, but they’re just now being used in excess; the fiber optic industry is growing with every passing day.

Only Gaining Speed

We’re not going to slow down–that’s a fact. If you feel like we’ve been rushing forward for a decade, make sure you’re hanging on. Fiber optics are being used with increasing frequency in order to keep our connections running quickly. There’s something called a fiber optic transmission limit, which is the furthest a signal can travel through a fiber optic cable before it fizzles out. Photonics researchers from the University of California San Diego were able to transmit a signal for 7,456 miles without any hindrance in frequency. This is an incredible distance! When it comes to wiring the entire country’s network, we need cables that can transmit large distances. This test also allowed for them to boost the signal up to 2,000% percent.

Increased Usage

You’ve probably noticed that fiber optics have started to sweep many industries. What started with basic landline and television transmissions turned into internet connections. Then, fiber optics were being used by cable companies and other large tech industry giants, like Google and AT&T. Now, we use these cables for just about everything–security cameras, Wi-Fi, and more. With an increasing fiber optic transmission limit, the fiber optic industry is sure to grow exponentially in the coming years. It’s just another great reason to start investing in custom fiber optic cable designs.

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