Breaking 3 Myths About Fiber Optic Technology

In terms of cabling, the world is still gradually moving forward and adapting fiber optic cables as their primary way of connectivity. While most people aren’t resisting this change, and are welcoming it as they learn how many advantages it provides for them, there are a few who are holding themselves back. Why? Because they believe a few rumors that aren’t entirely true. As is the case with all technology, word travels fast, even if those words are inaccurate. Before you dismiss the advantages of fiber optic cabling, let’s bust a few myths and see if we can change your mind.

Myth #1: Fiber optic cables are made of glass, and are therefore easy to break.

Yes, these cables are created with a very thin layer of glass that coats the cable. And while you need to use a little extra care, the fact remains that fiber optic cables are some of the strongest around. Some speculate that it can withstand up to 200 pounds of pulling tension. That means the rate of these cables snapping is extremely low. Using glass as a material does not indicate fragility! It’s important to remember that fiber optic cables are incredibly strong, and will actually hold up far better than other cable types.

Myth #2: Fiber is too expensive.

These days, fiber optic costs are very similar to that of traditional copper cables. What’s more, they last a lot longer–they’re able to withstand much more wear and tear and handle outside conditions much better. They also transmit information over long distances. This means they end up using fewer individual cables, which in turn makes them less expensive.

Myth #3: Fiber optics aren’t worth it.

As we move into the future, fiber optics are taking over as the main form of cabling used for just about all information. Soon, all internet, phone, and television services will be conducted over fiber optic cables. Not only are they superior, but they also provide you and your business with a faster, less expensive way to transmit information over long distances. It’s definitely worth it to make the switch.

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