New OMNIA® Enclosures are at the Forefront of Innovation

Our New OMNIA® enclosures are at the forefront of innovation!

The new enclosures are user-friendly with customizable features and the solution to all your connectivity needs! OMNIA® pre-terminated trunk cable breakout kits and compliant cable holders simply slide and lock in place, expediting installation time. Enclosures are fully compatible with the IllumiCore® Classic panels and modules.

The OMNIA® enclosure solution features a rear mounting plate with keyhole style cuts, which mate with multiple corresponding cable management pieces to give each user total individual preference on installation. Included management pieces are a compliant cable holder, and a compliant cable router and the plate will also mate with a pre-terminated trunk cable breakout kit. Each piece slides and locks into place using a compliant mechanism, and is easily removable without the use of a tool.

The plate has multiple key rows and positions for cable management pieces to be installed. Fiber can be routed on solely one side of the enclosure, or both sides.

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