DMSI Cares: Book Drive for Children First

Early literacy is vital because it not only supports children’s cognitive development but also their social-emotional development. Young children who have strong early literacy skills are better able to communicate their thoughts and feelings with others.

On the other hand, improving adult literacy is also important because it improves a person’s social, emotional, and mental health. It also provides an opportunity for a person to thrive in today’s modern world.

At DMSI International, we are happy that, thru the book drive that we organized in our workplace, we were able to contribute to the development of children’s emergent literacy for the kids at Children First Head Start and at the same time, provide free books at our workplace so that we can read at work during a break or at home.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the help and contribution of the entire staff of DMSI International.

DMSI Cares: Donation Drive at Work

At DMSI International, we believe that donating used items is a great way to help others and the environment.

All year round, we set up a station in our workplace where employees can donate used items such as clothes, shoes, and accessories. These items are then sent to the Philippines care of DMSI Philippines.

Our goal is always to help people in need, especially the people in the far-flung areas that deserve our attention; we believe that donating used items is one of the great ways to do it.

By encouraging our employees to donate perfectly serviceable condition items, we’re contributing to a more sustainable economy by reducing landfill waste and creating less demand for new clothing, for example, thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released.

Their success is everyone’s success!

DMSI Cares: Book Reading at Work

September is National Literacy Month!

Literacy means more than just the ability to read. It also means the ability to process and solve problems, making it a crucial skill set for anyone in today’s modern world.

DMSI International believes in ensuring that all employees have access to books they can read at work or home, and so we set up a space in our pantry room for the books donated by the entire DMSI team. Employees are encouraged to grab a book to take home and read.

We also believe that reading helps us grow as people and improve our social, emotional, and mental health. By fostering this culture of reading at DMSI International, we hope to empower our team members with tools for success in all aspects of their lives.

And that’s why the importance of improving adult literacy needs our attention — because it provides people the opportunity to thrive.

Their success is everyone’s success!

DMSI Cares: All-Faiths Foodbank

By Patrick Alexander, Director of HR

At DMSI we look for ways to give back to our communities, either in Sarasota or the Philippines. Yesterday, I was able to volunteer at the All-Faiths Foodbank in Sarasota to help pack boxes of food to be delivered throughout Sarasota County. I love helping, and I am so grateful that I work for a company that does the same.

DMSI Cares: Employee Appreciation Day

DMSI International will always be grateful for the dedication and diligence of its employees for the company each year; their hard work and commitment never go unnoticed. We provide ways to encourage our employees for their personal growth and development in career, lifestyle, and health. This time, we gave our appreciation by hosting a Back-to-School DMSI Family and Friends event last Saturday at Dallas White Park.

It was a fun-filled event dedicated to our employees, their family, and friends. Food, drinks, and entertainment were provided at the event; we set up inflatables and tons of activities not only for kids but also for all young at heart. Aside from all the fun stuff, we put together school supplies in backpacks and gave them away to the kids who attended the event in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Thanks to our Director of HR, Patrick Alexander, for facilitating the event, and to all the employees who help set up and clean up the event.

Also, thanks to Anthony Giovi and Jason Wilson for setting up a table and helping some of our employees with opening an account with PNC.

It was indeed an enjoyable event for our employees as our way of saying “Thank you”!

DMSI Cares: Building relationship with our community

DMSI International has always believed that community involvement is not only an easy and effective way to increase brand awareness, establish a positive reputation, and grow our business but, most importantly, it allows us to establish meaningful connections and give back to those in need.

Last July 2nd, 2022, an outreach program, was organized by the employees of DMSI Philippines. The program aims to continue DMSI International’s tradition of providing additional help to the less fortunate children and their families and reach areas in the community with limited resources.

The Brgy. Saputan in Calbayog City, Samar, Philippines has been chosen as its beneficiary, and with the help of its barangay officials and elementary school teachers, we were able to distribute school supplies to 88 students which included school bags, pens, sharpeners, and crayons. We were also able to provide vitamins for these children which was a big help, especially during this time of the pandemic. We also prepared food packs for them but like all kids, they were more excited when we gave them some toys.

Our team also provided groceries for 112 households. It may not be much, but it was a big help to the families whose meager income barely pays for their day-to-day expenses.

They welcomed us to their community with excitement and we left them with warm smiles on their faces. This proves that at DMSI, we are not only in the business of building connectivity products; we are also in the business of building long-term relationships be it with our clients or the community.

– Nezzy Valenzuela, HRMO, DMSI Philippines