The Unfortunate Disadvantages of Using Copper Wires

Copper wires used to be the number one way to transmit information through a series of underground cables. And, this worked for a long time–we were used to poor connections, dangerous conditions, and low transmission ranges. However, that is what led us to discover the usefulness of fiber optic cables. We’ve since discovered that copper wires are nowhere near as advantageous as using fiber optic cables. But, what are the serious disadvantages that come with using copper wires in this day and age? Read on to find out.

They Cost More

This may come as a surprise to many; fiber optic cables seem like they should be much more expensive. Due to the fact that copper is based within a Latin American foreign trade system, it can cost more to obtain. Likewise, it doesn’t transmit information nearly as far or as quickly as fiber optics. This means that, over long distances where it is necessary, copper wire is not practical, cost-wise. It takes way more cable to complete what a fiber optic cable could complete with less material.

They Can Corrode

You’ve probably seen pennies that are old, green, and grimy. This is the effect oxygen and other elements have on copper as an element. Over time, copper is seriously in danger of corrosion. There’s no way to avoid it, and while you can care heavily for your cables, eventually the copper will no longer be able to hold up to the damage. Fortunately, a fiber optic cable will never corrode, thus costing you far less in the long run.

They Are Unsafe

By using electricity to transmit info, copper cables pose a fire hazard and a shock hazard. Handling these cables incorrectly can do more than damage the cables themselves; it can also harm you, through shock or fire. When not properly cared for, the risk of fire rises significantly. Fiber optic cables, however, use light to transmit information, so they can’t pose a fire hazard at all. They require more care, but will never risk your life when being handled.

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