Fiber Optics Are Being Used in the Art of Avionics

While fiber optics used within the networking industry are changing the way we see the internet, the same kind of cabling can be used for other advantages.

Fiber optics are a growing aspect of our technology in almost every field of work. For many, this is an exciting process. We’ve already discussed how fiber optics are being used to detect blood clots, which can save lives; medical professionals have rejoiced over this new technology, which has allowed them to work more effectively. And, while fiber optics used within the networking industry are changing the way we see the internet, the same kind of cabling can be used for other advantages. In this week’s blog, we’re going to explore how fiber optics are being used for avionic technology.

Unmanned Aircraft

When it comes to building these devices, the fiber optics industry has taken over. The cables make it easier than ever to communicate data and video. Using fiber optics, or fly-by-light technology, unmanned aircraft become lighter. They also cost much less. This technology has already been implemented in larger, manned aircraft; but, condensing the cable system within smaller devices will soon be a common practice. Another fantastic benefit of using fiber optics is that it cannot be affected by interference or electromagnetic fields. The signal will never fade, allowing the drones to be used to their full potential.

Commercial Flights

Even in commercial avionics, fiber optics have played a huge role. They’re being used for in-flight entertainment, allowing for faster streaming and better connection. This technology is much less expensive. Likewise, fiber optics can even be used for safety equipment. For example, it can be used for the technology that lowers emergency oxygen masks in the case of an emergency. This ensures a lower rate of malfunction, and a faster response time if disaster strikes.


Even years ago, in 2009, the market for fiber optics in the avionics industry was estimated to be $309 million. It has grown exponentially since then, in both military and commercial flying technology. Fiber optic cables weigh less, cost less, are faster, and more efficient than their copper cable counterparts. It’s no wonder that such brilliant technology is being used for an incredibly important area such as avionics.

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