Hybrid Connectivity Solutions


Hybrid MTP® Module


Hybrid 12F MTP® Trunks


Pre-Terminated MTP® Shelf
144F Hybrid MTP® Trunk


HD Mesh MTP® 4U Hardware


Hybrid Trunk Cables-
Single Fiber Connectors


Holding true to our strategy of totally diverse manufacturing, we offer the most complete line of hybrid connectivity solutions in the marketplace. What other manufacturers consider custom, DMSI offers in a standard product grouping.
Our HCS family of products includes single fiber trunks, panels, optical cable, multimedia/desktop boxes and jacks, mode converters, and a range of MTP® trunks, harnesses, mountable desk and standard modules.
All products are available by combining different combinations of optical fibers in a single product. Deploying these hybrid style optical solutions can reduce material quantity and cost, and speed up installation time.