OMNIA-RA Enclosure Series

The New OMNIA®-RA Enclosure Series offers a lightweight yet durable option for our customers. It is a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing alternative to our previous model that is sure to be a great solution for our customer’s connectivity needs.

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Reduced Depth and Aluminum Body

making the enclosures light weight yet durable.

Riveted Piano Hinge

on the front door to ensure durable and long-lasting front door action.

Stylish Slide Tray and Cable Management Bar

for ease of use.

Attached Rear Cable Management Plate

requiring less hardware.

Aesthetically Pleasing Magnetic Door Knobs

for users to easily open and close the front door.

New Rear Door

with a unique dual plunger design for easy removal.

Pure White Paint Color

for a cleaner and more professional look.