MTP® Solutions

MTP® Modules

Pre-terminated MTP® modules provide a low loss transition from trunk cables to duplex patch cords. All modules are manufactured using enhanced optical fiber and low loss connectors. Each unit is factory tested through the finished module for guaranteed low loss performance in any network. Test data reflects the module’s combined single fiber with MTP® connector loss. DMSI standard performance modules are a .55dB max IL combined loss while the ultra low loss offering is a maximum .35dB. Both of which exceed all industry standards.

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Pre-Terminated MTP® Shelf

This is a cost-effective pre-terminated MTP® solution for quick deployments. The enclosure is pre-terminated with MTP® pinned connectors in the back and LC connectors on the front. The most common units feature 12 fiber MTP® connectors routed to 6 duplex LC on the front. Mix and match single and multimode fiber types per set of 12 LC fibers or mix and match fiber types per MTP® connector.

Enclosures are highly configurable. Please contact sales for part numbers and detailed drawings.

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MTP® Trunks

MTP® cable assemblies are configurable in trunks, harnesses, jumpers, and hybrid trunk solutions. All products feature the MTP brand connector and a micro 250 reduced diameter cable. Connectors are available in 4 to 24 fiber ferrule single-mode, and 4 to 72 fiber ferrule multimode.

All cable assemblies are manufactured using component materials that meet the EU RoHS and REACH directive standards. Cables are available in TIA standard or special order colors. Jacket ratings are available in Plenum (OFNP), Riser (OFNR) and LSZH.

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