MMC24 Connector Cabling Solutions Assembly (VSFF)

Single-mode OS2 Trunks

MMC24 Trunks

MMC 432 Trunks - Single-mode OS2 (VSFF) Available in MMC12, MMC16, and MMC24
OMNIA® trunks are now available using US Conec’s new high performance very small form factor (VSFF) multi-fiber connector, the MMC24. MMC24 is a double row multi-fiber connector, holding 12 fibers per row, and is 3 X the density of MTP24 or MPO24. MMC24 trunks exclusively use a premium low loss optical performance connector with angled end face, and are for use with Single-mode fibers.
Trunks are manufactured using premium UL listed and traceable optical cable, available in multiple ratings, colors, and fiber counts.
Each trunk ships standard with pre-installed breakout kits which can be directly mounted into OMNIA® hardware to reduce installation time. The kit simply slide-locks into place using a compliant mechanism, and is easily installed or removed without the use of a tool. MMC24 trunks use sub-unitized cable with ~2.3mm reduced diameter 24 fiber subunits.