MMC16 Connector Cabling Solutions Assembly (VSFF)

Multimode Harness

MMC16 Duplex Breakout Harness (LC & MDC)

MMC Harness - Multimode MMC to Duplex LC Uniboot (VSFF). Available in MMC12, MMC16, and MMC24

DMSI’s MMC harnesses feature US Conec’s new, high performance Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) multi-fiber optical connector broken out to MTP, MDC or LC legs. Harnesses are available in both single-mode and multimode applications, along with both MMC-16 and MMC-24 connectors. Cable jackets are available in any color and length. Harnesses with MTP legs are available in many polarity configurations depending on the required application. Harnesses with MDC and LC Uniboot are available in Types A, B, and “MMC Harness Polarity”.