KMJ Optical Module Jacks


Copper KMJ modules are available in the set of standard colors listed below. Custom order colors may be available upon request. All modules exceed industry performance testing standards.


Optical module jacks can be installed in faceplates, multimedia or surface mount boxes and are available in LC Duplex, SC Simplex, FC Simplex, ST Simplex, and MTP® connector types. Module jacks provide an easy connection solution for wall outlets and desktop fiber connectivity applications.

Secure Solutions

A KMJ color coded and non-keyed solution.   All LC Duplex & SC Simplex Secure Solutions module jacks are assembled with color coded adapters and bezels.


Keyed LC Work Area Outlet Module Jacks are available for use with wall plates, surface mount and multimedia boxes. All fiber types and color options are available. Inserts are shipped loaded in a bezel for direct mounting to applicable plate or box.

Hybrid Keyed LC

Hybrid keyed LC optical module jacks are keyed on the front user side and non-keyed behind the wall. Hybrid jacks allow for cable behind the wall to be field terminated using a technician’s preferred non-keyed field termination connector option.


MDC2 KMJ color coded and non-keyed solution for MDC2 connectors can hold 4 fibers per adapter. All MDC2 module jacks are assembled with color coded adapters and bezels.

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