Components and Accessories

Fiber Connectors

Anaerobic connectors are available for factory or field termination applications. They use a two-part epoxy and require a polish. Available connector types include LC, SC, ST, and FC. Each connector is individually bagged with body and ferrule, crimps, and multiple sized boots.

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Fiber Adapters

A diverse range of optical adapters are available from connector type, color, fiber type, material, and fiber count. Adapters can be field or factory installed.

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Attenuators & Loopbacks

Optical in-line attenuators are available in FC, SC, and LC connector types for use in any application.

Loopbacks are shipped standard in a module case giving protection in the field or while packed in a technician kit. Available in LC, SC, and MTP®.

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Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools are offered for single and multi-fiber connectors. They are dry cleaning mechanical tools designed to clean loose connectors, or connectors installed in an adapter.

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