Jeneth D’Alonzo Named Venice Area Chamber’s ‘Empowering Woman of the Year’

The Venice Area Chamber of Commerce presented the ‘Empowering Woman of the Year’ award to DMSI International CEO, Jeneth D’Alonzo at the Women Empowering Women event. Jeneth D’Alonzo was chosen because of her humble beginning and how she embodies as a woman of faith, hard work, perseverance, and giving back to the community locally and internationally.  D ’Alonzo’s longstanding track record as a CEO of DMSI International managing two wholly owned manufacturing locations: DMSI USA in Nokomis (Florida), and DMSI Philippines with well over 100 employees makes her a great inspiration to all women who wanted to make it in a business world. In addition, she was nominated by a variety of people not only from several staff members of DMSI International but also from various members of the community. D’Alonzo has been involved in serving the community in Sarasota County and the Philippines for years through DMSI Cares, the philanthropic initiative of DMSI International. She always believes in empowering her employees and the community through her commitment to her faith, building a strong work culture, helping our local economy thrive, and providing programs to help those in need. “At DMSI, we don’t just manufacture cables; we create the solution.”, she said. Recently, she was also named ‘International Person of the Year’ by the Tampa Bay Organization of Women in International Trade.

After being named ‘Empowering Woman of the Year’, D’Alonzo said, “To have confidence in anything, means to have faith in something. As for me and my faith, I have always been an advocate, that God has great plans for each of us.” Confidence and faith are not inherited, it is developed from harvesting what you planted. If you plant fear, you will be fearful, if you plant doubt, you will be doubtful, if you plant weakness, you will be weak.”

Tampa Bay Organization of Women in International Trade 2022 International Person of the Year: Jeneth D’Alonzo, CEO (DMSI International)

Congratulations to our CEO, Jeneth D’Alonzo for receiving the Tampa Bay Organization of Women in International Trade 2022 International Person of the Year award earlier at the Tampa Bay Organization of Women in International Trade (TBOWIT) Annual Awards and Scholarship Luncheon.

With hundreds of employees from DMSI Philippines and DMSI USA combined, Jeneth D’Alonzo has been the epitome of resilience, perseverance, and humility at DMSI International. As a CEO, she showed us the importance of looking after her team and making sure our hard work is recognized; as a mother, she inspired everyone with a good work-life balance and family values; and, as a woman of faith, she motivated us to have compassion, to help one another, and to give back to the community, especially those in need.