DMSI Cares: Back to School Philippines

We’re thrilled to share the heartwarming success of the recent Back-to-School Bash organized by our DMSI Philippines team! Our team came together to brighten the lives of over 100 kids in preparation for the new school year in the Philippines.

Through our collective efforts, we provided essential school supplies, delicious meals, and thoughtful cash gifts, ensuring that these young learners have a strong start to their academic journey.

Check out the incredible moments captured during this event and witness the positive impact we’re making in our community. This event is a testament to our commitment to making education accessible and supporting the future generation.

DMSI Cares: Back to School: Employee Appreciation Day

Our 2nd Annual Back-to-School event successfully took place last Saturday at Dallas White Park in North Port, FL. This yearly tradition underscores our deep gratitude for our dedicated employees and their families, revolving around the central theme of embracing an active and healthy lifestyle. The event was strategically designed to foster teamwork while championing physical well-being through a day of diverse sports and recreational activities.

A heartfelt acknowledgment extends to our committed team members who orchestrated this remarkable gathering and to the enthusiastic participants whose vibrant contributions made this memorable occasion a resounding success.

DMSI Cares: Volunteer with Children First

“I want to give a big shout-out to all my rockstar coworkers at DMSI International who volunteered with me at Children First Head Start last month. Your participation meant the world to me, and I appreciate your support. Thank you!

I’m committed to keeping the volunteering spirit alive and finding more opportunities for us to make a difference in our local community thru our philanthropic initiative, DMSI Cares. Together, we can continue to spread kindness and lend a helping hand wherever it’s needed.

Special thanks to Evan Ackerman for helping us, Karen Pharo for facilitating, as well as to the entire team at Children First, Inc. for being so accommodating and sending us these wonderful letters of appreciation. It truly warmed our hearts and reinforced the significance of our contributions. The “Out of this World” celebration at the 2023 Galaxy Awards, dedicated to honoring the remarkable “Shining Star” parents and caregivers, was truly inspiring.

I can’t wait for more exciting collaborations with you all. Let’s keep making a positive impact together and continue to foster a strong sense of community involvement!” — Evan Samson, Marketing Communications Director

DMSI Cares: Empowering Through Education

Going beyond our exceptional custom fiber optic solutions and top-notch services, our commitment to excellence is exemplified through our philanthropic endeavor, DMSI Cares. We support the educational aspirations of individuals, believing in the transformative power of education and societal advancement.

Through DMSI Cares, the organization has made a significant impact by helping two individuals successfully graduate from college in the Philippines, who have excelled academically and gained valuable life skills and networks. This success demonstrates the profound impact that education can have on individuals and communities. We firmly strive to ensure equal access to quality education for all, irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances. Moving forward, DMSI International remains committed to its mission of empowering deserving individuals, fostering positive change, and cultivating future leaders through education and philanthropic endeavors.

DMSI Cares: Volunteer with All Faiths Food Bank

Earlier today, DMSI International demonstrated its commitment to giving back to the community through its philanthropic program, DMSI Cares. As part of its initiative, some of my colleagues and I dedicated our time volunteering at the All Faiths Food Bank Mobile Pantry in Sarasota. By actively participating in this charitable event, we aimed to make a positive impact by helping provide food and support to those in need.

DMSI Cares: Community Outreach Program at Villahermosa Elementary School in Calbayog, Philippines

Exciting news! DMSI Cares has made an incredible impact in Q1 2023’s mission program by supporting a disadvantaged barangay in the Philippines, positively impacting the lives of more than 500 individuals with food, medicine, toys, and school supplies.

At DMSI, we believe that hard work shouldn’t only be recognized through salaries and compensation, but also through the positive impact we have on others. We take great pride in not only creating the best fiber optic connectivity solutions but also in making a positive difference in the lives of others.

We want to express our deep appreciation to everyone who played a role in making this possible. Your hard work and dedication are what enable us to give back and change lives. Let’s keep making the world a better place!

BICSI: Winter Conference 2023

Some of our team – Joy Streich (Administrative Assistant), Marivi Denbo (Production), Jane Dennis (Production), and Iylin Flock (General Manager) – at DMSI International attended BICSI‘s 50th Anniversary Winter Conference & Exhibition last Tuesday.

At DMSI International, we make sure our team is updated with the trends and innovations in fiber optics and its technology by having them experience a productive, informative, and fun-filled day.

Shumaker Chamber University: Achieving Peak Performance Without Burnout Seminar

Some of our young professionals, Assistant Team Leader, Richmond Cua, Laboratory & Testing Head, Ivy Catacutan, and Quality Control Head, Christine Cua, together with their Production Manager, Menchie Calesa, attended The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce‘s Shumaker Chamber University: Achieving Peak Performance Without Burnout Seminar.

They enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot from Career & Wellness Coach, Hannah McGowan, Ed.M., C.A.S., about improving leadership, encouraging collaboration, and building trust and relationships with colleagues.