Cable Assemblies

Standard Simplex/Duplex Patch Cords

DMSI offers the broadest selection of cable assemblies in the industry featured under two product brands: IllumiCore® and OMNIA®. IllumiCore® cables exclusively feature Corning® optical fiber, are made in the USA, and are UL listed. OMNIA® features all of the high quality components and performance of IllumiCore®, with a significant upgrade in installation friendly features for hardware and trunk cabling as well as larger selection of cable types. Low loss connector performance and bend insensitive fiber (50µm and Single-mode) are a standard offering for both families. For more details on OMNIA® features please see the hardware section.
All cable assemblies are manufactured using component materials that meet the EU RoHS and REACH directive standards. Cables are available in TIA standard or special order colors.

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Secure Solution Simplex/Duplex Patch Cords

Secured solutions patch cords offer an alternative to costly and proprietary keyed connectors. Assemblies are manufactured using color-coded non-keyed connectors with matching colored connector housings, clips, boots, and cable. They are ideal for government and military facilities to differentiate networks without being locked into a specific brand.

Secured solutions patch cords are available in LC and SC connector types.

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Multi-Fiber Trunks & Pigtails

DMSI offers the broadest selection of pre-terminated trunk cables in the industry featured under two product brands: IllumiCore® and OMNIA®. IllumiCore® cables exclusively feature Corning® optical fiber, are made in the USA, and are UL listed. OMNIA® trunks feature all of the high-quality components and performance of IllumiCore® with a unique cable breakout kit for direct integration into OMNIA® enclosures, eliminating the need for cable ties or a tool.

Trunk cable construction types include tight buffer distribution, micro-250, and ribbon in both armored and non-armored constructions. Jacket ratings are available in Plenum (OFNP), Riser (OFNR) and LSZH. Connector types include standard single and two fiber, keyed LC and MTRJ, and a complete offering of secure solutions color coded non-keyed.

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IllumiCore® Low Loss Performance

Single-mode Jumpers
The standard single-mode offering is a 10mm bend enhanced fiber as single-mode cable assemblies. Corning’s SMF-28® Ultra has the bend performance of ClearCurve® XB with the long haul transmission performance of SMF-28e+®. Additional bend performance fibers are also available.

Multimode 50μm Jumpers
DMSI offers three grades of 50-micron fiber: OM2, OM3, and OM4. All of which surpass the industry standards for transmission performance. Each fiber is guaranteed to outperform the transmission performance requirement of OM2/3/4. By using IllumiCore® enhanced products featuring Corning® ClearCurve® Multimode fiber, additional system reach can be achieved beyond the minimum industry standard. The entire Corning® ClearCurve® 50 micron family offers 7.5mm bend-insensitive fibers.

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Hybrid Single Fiber Trunks

Trunk cables are highly configurable with connector and fiber types, jacket colors, flame ratings, lengths, and breakouts. If you are having trouble configuring an assembly below, please contact us for assistance. If the jacket color is not specified, the standard color is black with print denoting optical information.

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Keyed LC & MTRJ Jumpers

DMSI offers 13 uniquely keyed and colored LC, MTRJ, and MTP connector options for physical secure network requirements. Keyed products are available in jumpers, trunk cables, harnesses, adapter panels, modules, and work area outlet inserts.

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