• Expanded breadth of optical cabling and connectivity solutions.
  • Robust hardware connectivity line, multi feature enclosures with integrated cable routing and trunk pieces.
  • Broadest optical fiber and cable options from industry-wide suppliers, cable made in USA and UL listed.
  • Pre-terminated cables are standard with integrated breakout kit for hardware mounting.
  • Available in Ultra Low Loss performance.
  • Premium optical performance products exclusively made in the United States of America. It exceeds all industry standards and specifications.
  • Premium components are sourced from sustainable sources to ensure no supply chain interruptions due to world events.
  • Cost effective hardware connectivity line with standard cable routing features.
  • Limited to fiber suite of Corning optical fiber, cable made in USA and UL listed.
  • Pre-terminated cables are Industry standard breakout/furcation design.
  • Available in Ultra Low Loss performance.

Increase fiber density by three times without the use of proprietary and patented cassettes and enclosures by using commercial off-the-shelf and existing enclosures, panels, and cassettes.

Brand Assets

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For the reason that it is our most valuable visual asset, these elements should never be altered, stretched, or modified in any way. The logo must be used consistently and appropriately in all purposes, using the authorized and correct formats.

Approved guidelines and artwork of the logo are available through DMSI marketing and communications.
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