New OMNIA-RA Series

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Light weight and durable hardware enclosures <em>COVERED BY US PATENT NO 10191238<em>

The New OMNIA-RA Enclosure Series offers a lightweight yet durable option for our customers. It is a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing alternative to our previous model that is sure to be a great solution for our customer’s connectivity needs.


  • The Enclosure’s Reduced Depth and Aluminum Body provide for a lightweight, one-man installations and costs less to ship.
  • The Riveted Piano Hinge ensures durable, long-lasting Front Door action without the hassle of extra hardware.
  • The stylish Slide Tray and Cable Management Bar are now manufactured out of one piece of metal for ease of use and again require less hardware.
  • Two attractive Door Knobs with Magnetic Catches provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance while making it simple for the user to open and close the Front Door.
  • The new Rear Door offers easy removal with a unique Dual Plunger Design.
  • An attached Rear Cable Management Plate requires less hardware and is less expensive to manufacture.
  • The Pure White Paint Color gives the Enclosure a clean professional appearance.

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