DMSI’s New OMNIA® Next Generation Solutions with US Conec’s MDC Connector: 3x More Density

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HICKORY, N.C. – US Conec, a global leader in providing passive components for high-density optical interconnects, has unveiled its new duplex optical connector solution: the MDC connector. Leading in a new era in two-fiber connectivity, this trailblazing connector design brings superior density, field configurability, straightforward insertion/extraction, and optimal carrier-grade performance to the ELiMENT® brand single fiber connector portfolio.

The MDC connector is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) duplex optical connector designed for termination of single-mode and multimode fiber cables up to 2.0mm in diameter. It is a 2-fiber connector using proven 1.25mm LC ferrules, providing 3x density over LC. Adapters use the same port cutouts and sizes as LC, allowing current designs to transfer from LC to MDC. MDC solutions include uniboot style jumpers, harnesses, trunks, panels, and many pre-terminated MTP® options.

“Supporting port breakout architectures for emerging transceiver MSAs, the smaller size will allow a single array transceiver to accept multiple MDC patch cables which are individually accessible directly at the transceiver interface. The new format will support four individual MDC cables in a QSFP footprint and two individual MDC cables in an SFP footprint.” – US Conec

For high-density data centers application, DMSI designed and engineered OMNIA® Next Generation MDC Solutions for guaranteed exceptional optical performance and optimal stability exceeding the requirements of Telcordia GR-326. (

MDC connectors are installed and removed using a push-pull strain relief boot. The boot assists in very dense applications providing easy extraction from adapters and ports. Polarity is easily changed without the need of a tool or exposing fibers, by simply pulling back the strain relief and rotating around the connector body. Jumpers are exclusively micro-size cables, and are available with alternate connectors on the other end, such as LC, for connecting to existing infrastructure.

Using the existing families of Classic, PRM, and LGX compatible panels or modules allows end users to upgrade in fiber density without the added cost of buying a new hardware enclosure or system. Simply swap out the existing panel or module to an MDC and plug in the additional fibers required.

Panels use an MDC adapter to accept a jumper or pre-terminated trunk on each side of the panel, up to 48 fiber per Classic panel.

Modules use a denser MDC adapter to achieve higher fiber counts over panels. A standard Classic MDC module provides 72 fibers, using 12 MDC adapter ports at 6 fibers each, with 6 MTP® ports on the back. Standard modules use pinned (male) MTP connectors and should be mated with non-pinned (female) trunk cables.

OMNIA-RA 1U Classic Enclosure

Fiber Count: 2 cassettes, up to 144 fibers
3x fiber density of LC duplex adapters
Easily slide in and out

OMNIA-RA 1U PRM Enclosure

Fiber Count: 4 cassettes, up to 288 fibers
3x fiber density of LC duplex adapters
Easily slide in and out