The MTP®PRO Connector is a state-of-the-art connector that brings simplified use to the MPO format by offering optimal field flexibility and enhanced performance, all while leveraging the proven features and technology of US Conec’s MTP® connectors. With a novel design focused on simplicity and reliability, the MTP® PRO connector offers quick and effective polarity and pin reconfiguration in the field or factory while ensuring product integrity and performance. Simple field or factory configurability saves time, eliminates costly errors, requires less pre-planning and less cabling inventory, resulting
in total lower-cost cabling infrastructure.


Field pin change
Field friendly configuration while maintaining product integrity, fail safe handling of pins and easy color identification

Field polarity change
Simple one-step color coded polarity change feature without removing connector housing

Debris reduction system
Static dissipative material and housing sleeve encapsulating geometry optimized to reduce debris

DirectConec™ Push-Pull System
Robust push-pull insertion and extraction via the integrated strain-relief boot for ease of use and access

Environmentally friendly
RoHS and REACH compliant without exemptions