Cable jackets are comprised of different materials based on different applications. Plastics used in the structure of plenum cable in the United States are regulated under the National Fire Protection Association standard NFPA 90A: Standard for the Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems. All materials planned for use on wire and cables to be placed in plenum spaces are intended to meet rigorous fire safety test standards in accordance with NFPA 262 and outlined in NFPA 90A.

OFNR (Optical Fiber Non-conductive Riser)

Used in riser applications or spaces inside a building in pathways that pass between floors, such as a vertical zone or space. They are engineered to prevent a fire from spreading from floor to floor within buildings. OFNR cable is resistant to oxidation and degradation. It gives off heavy black smoke, hydrochloric acid, and other toxic gases when it burns. It is fine to use as a patch cord or for single in-wall runs. If you want to use it in a building, the building must feature a contained ventilation system and have good fire exits.

OFNP (Optical Fiber Non-conductive Plenum)

Used in plenum applications or inside buildings in plenum areas, the areas between a ceiling and the floor above it, where space is reserved for the circulation of air. They have the highest rated fire retardant where it emits little smoke during combustion. The non-conductive element within OFNP means they contain no electrically conductive components. OFNP cable has fire-resistance and gives low smoke when it burns. It can be used as a substitute for PVC (OFNR) cable since its fire-resistance is the highest. It’s designed for the movement of environmental air and commonly used for vertical runs between floors.

DMSI utilizes UL listed cables in all our products. UL listed cables are fully traceable and guarantee a high quality and safe product. To combat counterfeit offshore cables, we recommend asking your suppliers for a certificate of compliance, or proof of where your product is coming from.

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