Why 5G Wireless Need Lots of Fiber?

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To be fully functional 5G will depend on fiber

The most recent development in wireless network infrastructure is a fifth generation, AKA, 5G. This will cover up to 100 times more connected devices, including both mobile and fixed network infrastructure.

Superficially, people would think that 5G technology will eliminate the need for fiber cables. Quite the reverse, the future 5G’s success significantly depends on fiber.

Fiber is Substantial to Increase the Speed

5G promised to increase to speed up to 10 Gbps, which is ten to a hundred times higher than 4G. Among all mediums, fiber is the best future-proof choice that is capable of transporting data at a long distance and high bandwidth.

Better Performance Requires Fiber

The goal of the 5G network to accomplish diversity, availability, and coverage can be achieved by wider deployment of smaller cell sites/distributed antenna systems (DAS) interconnected by fiber instead of a few larger ones in favor of utilizing the capabilities in an area. To meet this goal, there will need to be more fiber used worldwide because copper or air options will not be able to sustain this.


Fiber is the best all around option because of its cost-effectiveness and durability.

Fiber is Here to Stay

5G wireless and fiber will go hand in hand. Its placement will significantly depend on the availability of fiber infrastructure. In the future generation of wireless network, fiber will be valuable with an improvement of capacity and lower latency.

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