Why You Need Low-Loss Fiber Connectivity

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In any data center, the key for each manager is to maintain efficiency and set your network up for optimal connectivity. However, things do not always go to plan every single day, and you have to factor that into your business. There are plenty of factors that contribute to link loss, such as the length and type of cable, or the number of connectors. Low-loss MPO or MTP connectors will give you greater adaptability and flexibility. The biggest thing to remember with any type of fiber optics product is that your daily tasks will be made simple. Processes that used to take up time will now be done in a much more efficient manner. With low-loss connectivity, your functionality will increase, such as expanding the distance of your network due to the number of connections possible.

<br>With low loss connectivity your functionality will increase such as expanding the distance of your network due to the number of connections possible

How Will It Help?

As with anything in this sector, or any sector really, the key is to minimize risk. By using low-loss fiber connectivity, you’re effectively shrinking the risk that would’ve been there. In today’s data centers, optical insertion budgets are shrinking. It’s also important to recognize that much of the architecture for layouts has become flattened. Considering LANs now have higher port densities, flatter networks have become more prevalent. So, this isn’t necessarily something you have to do, but it would bring you incredible value.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefit of having low-loss fiber connectivity is that it gives you a greater amount of connection points. Specifically, more connection points in 10, 40, and 100 gigabit Ethernet channels. Another main benefit of using this type of technology is how much easier it makes for simple processes. With the low loss, fiber makes it much easier (and faster) to change your server connections between ports.

DMSI Can Help With All Of Your Fiber Connectivity Needs!

We focus on custom product manufacturing for fiber optic connectivity. We will engineer solutions to any customer’s specs and needs, and we create end-to-end solutions so you won’t be left in the dark. DMSI strives to provide our customers with the highest quality product above industry standards at a lower cost.

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