What is MDC?

  • A next generation 2 fiber connector using proven 1.25mm LC ferrules, providing 3x density over LC
  • Uses the same port cut outs and sizes as LC, allowing current designs to transfer from LC to MDC


  • Insertion and Removal via a push-pull strain relief boot
  • Reversible polarity without exposing fibers, and without the use of a tool
  • Meets IEC 61735-1 Grade B optical performance
  • Optional component for multiple jumper insertion/removal from ports
  • Uniboot design, terminates on 2.0mm micro cable
  • Multimode and Single-mode UPC/APC options
  • GR-326 and TIA-568 compliant

Immediate Product Options for MDC

  • All Classic, LGX and PRM adapter panels and MTP modules can be upgraded to MDC increasing fiber density, without having to change out any enclosure hardware, or the use of a proprietary new system.
    • A Classic 24F MTP to LC Module can be upgraded using MDC to achieve 72 fibers